Our Voice Sharing Event

Our Voice Sharing Event

Our Voice Sharing Event

An annual informal gathering for sharing and connection, hosted by Our Voice Network founder Krystal S. Lowe.

Without risk, art cannot innovate; It cannot develop and the artist cannot realise their full potential.

Our Voice sharing allows artists to take risks in a room full of people there to engage in the process, not simply watch a production.

This sharing will be a space to platform artists, bring people together to connect and discuss their passion for the arts and culture.

Plamedi Santima-Akiso is a Congolese-born, Wales-based dance artist and choreographer specialising in African Dance through her dance company Afro-Jam Cardiff. Join Plamedi, in an exploration of African dance styles. Inspired by a celebration of cultural individuality.
Naseem Syed is a proud Welsh, Iranian, socially engaged visual artist. She is passionate about craftivism, community and spreading kindness through creativity. Join pom pom poet, Naseem Syed for spoken word inspired by radical joy, kindness and Azadi.


Visit krystalslowe.com/our-voice-network for more information on Our Voice Network | Rhwydwaith Ein Llais