The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare

The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare

The Incomplete Works of Shakespeare

To celebrate the 400th anniversary of the First Folio, Rubbish Shakespeare Company have teamed up with Wing It Improv to present The Incomplete Works: a totally improvised Shakespeare play!

The year is 1603. King James has just taken the throne and he isn’t a fan of theatre, especially the works of that 'upstart crow', William Shakespeare.

Thankfully, Will has been granted one last chance to prove himself before the King. Unfortunately, he’s 'unwell' and has deserted his cast of merry players. Without a script, it's up to his cast to make it up - on the spot - in front of the king! Taking suggestions from the audience, this hilarious troupe will finish the Bard’s latest masterpiece one way or the other - or it’s off with their heads! Talk about pressure.

Utilising clown, physical comedy, storytelling and live music, this spontaneous piece of family-friendly theatre is a ridiculously joyous, participatory event.

Suitable for those new to the bard (or even theatre itself). Perfect for ages 6-106!

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