Carpet Spoken Word Workshop: Bryngarw

Carpet Spoken Word Workshop: Bryngarw

Carpet Spoken Word Workshop: Bryngarw

Join in an exciting workshop for any one who feels as though they might have something to say. Whether you’re a writer by nature or someone who’s always thought they’d like to give it a go this workshop is for you! Lead by CARPET Spoken Word in a relaxing low pressure setting, we’ll be exploring ideas through speaking and writing together with the aim of each participant having a finished poem or piece by the end of the session. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to perform it.

Frank and Justin run Carpet Spoken word and regularly perform their work from festivals to poetry nights and as poets and performers they know how important it is to be generating new ideas and new material even when inspiration isn’t hitting.

So with these workshops they will be sharing some tools they use to create their work so even when all creativity has left the building they can still create something out of nothing.

If you're interested in poetry/spoken word/creative writing, and are thinking about giving it a go or already mastered it, come along we will provide pen and paper but more importantly tea and biscuits!

This is going to be a relaxed but creating environment where every participant will get a chance to create and share their work,

These workshops will be free and available to anyone over 16

The Met| Bryngarw Country Park

Fri 29 Apr 2022