Golygfeydd o'r Pla Du

Golygfeydd o'r Pla Du

Golygfeydd o'r Pla Du

Please note: this play is performed in Welsh. Live translation is available.

A new comedy play by Chris Harris.

1348, Pentreufargirec. A new chaos has arrived - Plague. God has betrayed the people, and a frenzy of finger-pointing, cat-hunting and heretic-burning has drowned the village in the toilet. To con-artist Twm, everything is ripe for the picking. With people dying, there’s a social ladder to climb. But under the rule of a Tax Collector desperately searching for love, and a revolutionary manure-seller spreading free-thinking amongst the peasantry, Twm will realise that the climb to power has its obstacles.

A mischievous, black (death) comedy about those who gain from crisis and corruption. Welcome to the Black Death – there’s nothing funnier. Audiences 14+

Grand Pavilion

Fri 12 May 2023