Remarkable Rhythm

Remarkable Rhythm

Remarkable Rhythm

Rhythm is spontaneous and experiences life as movement; and all sound as music. Glas loves life smooth and stable; and prefers things to remain the same.

When Rhythm and Glas meet at Bellevue park they have the five days of half-term to see if their friendship is worth keeping once they go back to their separate schools. Through music and movement and mishap these two young people experience the difficulty and joy in connecting with those unlike themselves.

One bench, two people, and five days. Will they find a way to create something remarkable; a rhythm that is theirs alone?

Remarkable Rhythm is a dance theatre show for young people 11+ and their families; with two performers speaking a creative audio description of the show while they dance.

This show allows access for audiences who are blind or partially sighted. The entire storyline is visually clear so allows Deaf audiences the ability to experience every show fully (all performed text is audio descriptive).

The Met

Tue 6 Jun 2023