Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Rainbow Valley presents The Met's 2022 Christmas Pantomime, Robin Hood!

Some say the legend of Robin Hood was only a folk tale, told at bedtime to wide-eyed children on cold winter nights. But Robin Hood did exist and still lives on in the hearts of those who believe that bullies must be confronted and goodness will always prevail against evil forces.

Will Robin Hood rescue the children before the Big Bad Wolf finds them? Will Robin and Marian ever be reunited? Will the evil Sheriff get his just desserts - and will Frankie and Benny provide it?

There’s only one way to find out.

A show for all the family, filled with sensational singing & dancing and lots of laughs.


Schools' performances are available. Please contact the Box Office on 01495 533195 for dates and times.

The Met

Thu 8 Dec 2022 - Sun 11 Dec 2022