Iris on the Move 2024 at Awel y Môr

Iris on the Move 2024 at Awel y Môr

Iris on the Move 2024 at Awel y Môr

Please note: this event will take place at Awel y Môr Community Centre, Hutchwns Terrace, Porthcawl CF36 5TN

Age Guide 15+

Iris Prize Festival presents... Iris on the Move 2024

Starting the night with an introduction from Iris and the first half of the programme showcasing 'Best of Iris 2023';

A curated collection of extraordinary short films that have been honoured and celebrated at the 2023 Iris Prize Film Festival.

Realness With A Twist (Winner: 2023 Youth Jury Award) - Rated 12A Director: Cass Virdee Producer: David Giles & Maria Salcher | Writer: Cass Virdee & David Giles UK, 12 Mins Synopsis: A talented footballer is forced to battle between his secret passion for voguing and the fear of his team-mate's disapproval.

Ted And Noel (Winner: 2023 Co-op Audience Award) - Rated PG Director: Julia Alcamo Producer: Dan Hodgson, Mary Pattisson UK, 25 Mins Synopsis: Ted and Noel deals with a grieving LGBTQ+ activist who tries to find the strength for one last campaign.

F**ked (Winner: 2023 Best British) - Rated 15 Director: Sara Harrak Producer: Emma Hammond, Meg Salter, Sara Harrak | Writer: Meg Salter UK, 6 Mins Synopsis: What exactly are the rules in an open relationship? With no rulebook, it’s down to the couple to draw their lines… F**KED raises the question many of us secretly ask ourselves - have I really explored and enjoyed my own sexuality?

Scaring Women At Night (Winner: 2023 Iris Prize) - Rated 15 Director. Karimah Zakia Issa Producer: Lindsay Blair Goeldner & Rosalind Goodwin Writer: Karimah Zakia Issa & Ace Clamber (story by Ace Clamber) Canada, 11 Mins Synopsis: Two strangers are scared on a late walk home. As they try to escape one another, their worlds collide at an intersection forcing them to question who they’re afraid of and why.

The Second half of the nights viewing will be the programme 'Falling in Love with Iris';

A collection of short films that explores looking for love, finding love, desire, and human connections in various forms.

Bubbling – Rated 12A Director: Chang Che Ming Producer: Lin Hsin Wu | Writer: Chang Che Ming Taiwan, 23 Mins Synopsis: Guang has difficulty focusing during school choir. He's distracted by something more enticing than singing. When a charismatic new student arrives, Guang's curiosity and sexual desire is taken to a new level.

Malwa Khushan – Rated U Director: Preeti kanungo, Sourav Yadav Producer: Lotus Visual Productions & KASHISH Arts Foundation | Writer: Preeti kanungo India, 20 Mins Synopsis: Coming of age story of two sisters Malwa and Khushan exploring sexuality and attraction in their adolescent years. A new girl arrives in Khushan's classroom and she starts developing feelings for her.

Single: Meat Cutes - Rated 15 Director: Tilly Robba & Steph Jowett Producer: Steph Jowett | Writer: Ang Collins & Mike Costi Australia, 12 Mins Synopsis: We are first introduced to Luke, Bridie and Tilly as they rideshare to the pub for their separate dating-app dates. Disaster ensues on all counts, and the three end the night crammed in a skip-bin outside the pub—dateless and still single.

Diomysus – Rated 12A Director: Emily Elizabeth Morus-Jones Producer: Sara Ellen | Writer: Emily Elizabeth Morus-Jones Wales, 5 Mins Synopsis: An experimental film where a group of mice (voiced by members of the UK polyamorous community whose identities are masked using puppetry) discuss their experiences of polyamory. Diomysus asks the question - are we (the audience) more open to taboo ideas if unconscious bias is eliminated?

This event is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, in partnership with Bridgend County Borough Council

Grand Pavilion

Fri 7 Jun 2024