Rubbish Romeo and Juliet

Rubbish Romeo and Juliet

Rubbish Romeo and Juliet

Enemies. Balconies. Kissing… sausage rolls!?

Three idiots attempt to stage Shakespeare’s heartbreaking tragedy using only a box of pound-shop props, a flowery dress, a Simon Cowell mask, and a broom they found by the bins. Chaos ensues.

The hilarious and celebrated Rubbish Shakespeare Company presenteth their critically-acclaimed, comedic adaptation of The Bard’s most beloved play. Described as ‘like Horrible Histories but funnier’ (Primary Times), and with influences from Monty Python to Pixar, ‘Rubbish Romeo and Juliet’ promises to be an anarchic and joyous, interactive, family-friendly event. Oh my, it’s far from rubbish!

Featuring clowning, high octane slapstick and clever mischievous storytelling, plus a unique mix of modern day language and the original text, this accessible Shakespearean production is perfect for those studying WIlliam’s works or as an introduction to Shakespeare (or even theatre itself). This high energy play has all ages belly laughing in delight.

Suitable for ages 5-105!

Grand Pavilion